A weekly strike on Wednesdays centered in America, supported by all nationalities, genders, races, and classes. Commit, or support a striker with your $$.

You can:

Strike paid work

Strike unpaid labor

Strike school

Strike spending

Hunger strike

Support a striker ($58+)

Act up at your local Whole Foods

Act up at your local AT&T store

Gather at your Court or Public Square


Whole Foods is headquartered in Texas, but has not bothered to speak up against the Texas abortion ban. The majority of its customers are women. Whole Foods has 497 stores (476 in the United States, 14 in Canada, and 7 in the United Kingdom). We are looking for protestors at each location.

AT&T is the largest donor to Texas legislators who wrote and passed the Texas abortion ban. There are 5,424 AT&T locations in the United States. Texas has 548 locations, the most of any US state.

So what does Direct Action entail?

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What to say if bystanders or employees ask what you are doing or ask you to leave:

"Whole Foods/AT&T has to do its part. People have lost reproductive rights in Texas since September 1. We need Whole Foods/AT&T to care. We will keep coming back until you speak out about SB8, the vigilante Texas abortion ban.

You must commit to stop all donations to legislators who vote against reproductive justice."

Want to help?

Join an event or start your own!